"Peter Kessler is golf's Walter Cronkite."






    "Peter Kessler is one of two men who made The Golf Channel successful."





    "He’s smooth as glass."





    "Bobby Jones would have loved to know Peter Kessler.




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    Episode 13

    Moe's protege Todd Graves shares Moe's set up secrets.



    Episode 14

    Babe Zaharias was the greatest female athlete of the 20th Century. She jump started the LPGA and popularized women's golf to unprecedented heights.



    Episode 15

    This is our first music video. The music is George Gershwin playing his Rhapsody in Blue on piano. The video is the front 9 of Pine Valley, which was filmed by Golf Digest.



    Episode 16

    This is our second music video with Bouree by Jethro Tull as the tune. This is the back 9 of Pine Valley as filmed by Golf Digest.



    Episode 17

    Nancy Lopez had it all: An incredible game, one of the all time great putters and as lovely and warm as a person could be.



    Episode 18

    A little visit to Jack's house for a chat in 1997. He finished T6 at the '98 Masters the next spring at age 58. I stayed after and he showed me pictures and trophies. As I looked at one pic from the '80 US Open he said, "182." I said "What"? He said, "That's what I weighed." Funny how we all see ourselves the same way. Here he is clinching the win in joy and he's looking at his belly.



    Episode 19

    Hagen and Sarazen. Like Palmer and Nicklaus in the roaring 20's. Walter Hagen could play any sport, pitch righty or lefty, and was a quintessential symbol of his glorious times. Sarazen joins me after the Hagen bio with a Walter Hagen caddie story about Skip Daniels, from 1932 at the Open. 




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  • About Peter Kessler

    Peter Kessler was “The Voice” of HBO Sports from 1990 through 1995—narrating Peabody, Ace, and Emmy Award-Winning documentaries—including When it Was a Game, When it Was a Game II, the boxing trilogy In This Corner, and The Sweet Science.

    The premier talent at Golf Channel from 1995 through 2002, Peter hosted, wrote, and produced 1,300 live one-hour episodes of four different shows: Golf Talk Live, Academy Live, Viewer’s Forum and Masters Highlights.


    An active fixture in the golf industry, Peter has been featured in multiple golf publications around the world, including cover stories in Golf World and GolfWeek. His expertise and historical acumen was the subject of a ten-page profile and interview in Golf Digest. Additionally, Peter has produced programs for Callaway Golf, Adams Golf, Gary Player Golf, and Bobby Jones Golf.


    The first “Voice” on The PGA TOUR Network, Peter also wrote and hosted a daily show from 2005 through 2015. His podcast on iTunes was rated the number one golf podcast for 2014 and 2015. Continually sought for narration work, Peter has provided voice-over talent for American Express, the NBA, the USTA, and The Boys and Girls Club of America.

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    The 1930 Grand Slam

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